Parachute activity

The parachute is so popular in Kindergym classes and it is always great when you find a new idea for this apparatus. So here is a  musical idea that is successful in our Kindergym program:

Jack and Jill (The Wiggles - Pop Goes The Wiggles)

In this activity the children will be climbing on the top of the parachute so think of safety first.

I always ask the children to sit on their parents lap and for the parents to hold the children with one hand, as though they are putting on a seat belt! The temptation to go under is sometimes too great!!
I also explain to the children to slow down at the top of the mountain as we would not want to crash with those coming up on the other side of the mountain.

As the song begins ask the parents and children to lift the parachute and lower it to the ground trapping the air underneath to make our mountain. Each time the children climb up the mountain to flatten the parachute, they must quickly return to their parents to make a new mountain for the next verse. Each verse will say a different way to climb the mountain.

Verse 1: "Jack and Jill went up the hill"
Verse 2: "Jack and Jill ran up the hill" 
Verse 3: "Jack and Jill jumped up the hill"
Verse 4: "Jack and Jill skipped up the hill"


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