Teaching landing positions in Kindergym

We all know how important it is to teach the children how to land safely so each week our Kindergym classes practice as part of their routine.
We dance through our warm up song holding our hand held apparatus (such as ribbon sticks, pom poms of various sizes, shapes and textures, scarves, etc.)
After this song is finished we lay our apparatus on the floor to make a visual line in front of our feet. We all stand behind our line, clap and count 1,2,3! On 3 we jump to the other side and show our landing position...many refer to it as the "MOTORBIKE " position. Knees bent and arms in front of the body.
This begins at the age of two and continues upward.
The jumps over the line may vary...star, tuck, half turn, forward then backward. There is so much you can teach them over these lines if you think about it.
In our three year old class we even started counting to three in french....un, deux, trois. I was amazed how quickly they remembered this.
Many of our parents say their children will line up objects on the floor at home and count 1,2 3 and practice their jumping and landing.

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