How about this theme on Nursery Rhymes. It was great to hear the children's voices as we sung each rhyme. So much was achieved throughout the lesson.

Here is a snippet of the ideas used throughout the plan:
1. Our warm up song used shakers to upbeat nursery rhymes
2. We practiced our jumps and landings over cellophane flames on candles to Jack Be Nimble
3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat with the parents worked active flexibility on the hamstrings by sitting in pike and straddle.
4. Twinkle, Twinkle practiced our star shape and transference of weight, getting ready for our cartwheels.

Out in the gym, the adventures began. Here are a few of our ideas:
1. Jack and Jill: a high and wide hill made to log roll down
2. Humpty Dumpty: sit children on top of a box, allow them to jump to a crash mat below
3. London Bridge: our wooden bridge was placed on top of our see saw, so when the children got past the middle it went "clunk" down to the other side.
4. Little Miss Muffet: inflatable balance discs we're placed on the floor with spiders. As the children attempted to balance, the parent said the rhyme and threw the spider at them to catch....or run away!
5. Rock A Bye Baby: in our hammock tied between bars
6. Baa Baa Black Sheep: three bags of wool to throw into a bucket while standing on the beam

There were so many activities throughout the gym that promoted movement patterns and the fundamentals of gymnastics. It was great! I always love this theme, as the ideas are endless.

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