Do you have a set routine to start your class and let your participants know the fun is about to begin?

Please keep in mind that Kindergym programs are run differently where ever you go, with many different methods of organisation. I am happy to share my ideas with you.

For my gym, I like to allow 5 minutes for my participants (parent and child) to enter onto the floor before class begins to have a quick opportunity to explore the environment that has been set up and have a look at the theme ideas presented. This time is without any directed teaching from the instructors. It is a great time for the instructors to greet and meet all the class members personally and ensure that information is collected about the members of the class.

After this five minutes of exploration a piece of music will play to indicate that it is time to come together on the floor to begin the class. This music never changes and the parents and children come to understand exactly what this means within a few weeks of joining our program. It is fun to watch the reaction of the children who are busy exploring the gym when the music starts . Immediately they stop what they are doing and run to the floor area with smiling face ready to begin the class.

Once assembled together I always start with a bright and cheery hello and ensure that any new members to our class are introduced at this time. Next comes our "Hello Song". The actions of this song are adjsuted to each age group so that they become more challenging as the child continues through our program. It is the same each week and the children always know exactly what is expected of them.

So next time your class is about to begin and you shout through the gym trying to gain the attention of your participants, think about how you can set up a system to make things run smoothly and effectively.

Hope this helps....love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Kit, Thanks for all your interesting blogs. After reading this particular blog, I am now using the song "Leopard has lots of spots" to tell the children to find and sit on a coloured spot on the main floor area to start the class. Thank you also for inspiring me to finally start writing my own blog about gymnastics.